About Senegal

Senegal, officially the Republic of Senegal is a West African country. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the west, Mauritania to the north and east, Mali to the east and Guinea and Guinea-Bissau to the south. Gambia forms a virtual enclave in Senegal, penetrating more than 300 km inland. Cape Verde Islands are located 560 km from the Senegalese coast. The country is named after the river that borders the east and north, and which has its source in the Fouta Djallon in Guinea. The climate is tropical and dry with two seasons: the dry season and the rainy season .                         

The current territory of Senegal has seen the development of several kingdoms whose Djolof, vassals of successive empires of Ghana, Mali and Songhai's. After 1591, he suffered the West African political fragmentation in the Battle of consecutive Tondibi. In the seventeenth century, several desks belonging to different European colonial empires settled along the coast, they serve as support to triangular trade. The France gradually took the upper hand over the other powers and erected St. Louis, Goree, Dakar and Rufisque in French municipalities governed by the status of the four municipalities. With the Industrial Revolution, France wanted to build a railway to link and came into conflict with the Damel Cayor, Lat Dior. This conflict allowed France to officially make Kayor a protectorate in 1886, a year after the end of the Berlin Conference. The colonization of the whole of West Africa is then primed and Saint Louis and Dakar become the two successive capitals of French West Africa created in 1895. Dakar later became the capital of the Republic of Senegal at the time independence in 1960. Unlike other former colonies of FWA modern independent Senegal is the compilation of a territory populated former French citizens (Four municipalities) and a territory populated old "Glory" (the rest of the country).                         

The country is part of ECOWAS. Since April 2, 2012, the president of the country is Macky Sall. Integrated in the main bodies of the international community, Senegal is also part of the African Union (AU) and the Community of Sahel-Saharan States (ETUC).